Past Projects

Examples of our clients’ success. We are very proud of the work we have done in the past and share a few examples below to show our capabilities. In all those projects we have worked closely together with our clients, being an integral part of the core team. Our projects range from projects in the offshore energy sector, special lifting constructions, high rise building easy roof access and innovative solutions for the use of space at crowded events.

Pyrolytic Conversion of Waste

The Technology is capable of handling a number of generated waste streams, including: Sorted MSW, Mixed Plastics, Solvent-soaked Rags, Wood, Foam, Cardboard, Automobile Shredder Residue (ASR), Discarded Commercial  Products, Meat Bone Meal (MBM), Refinery Waste.

Special Lifting

Production and leasing of special lifting systems for deployment in the offshore Industry. 

Clean Enclosed Burner

The Clean Enclosed Burner is a better alternative due to a complete combustion process, which has the following important benefits:

1. A complete combustion transforms the Methane for 100% into CO2 and water. Considering the greenhouse effect, the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of Methane is 21 times higher than the GWP of CO2. So, the more complete the combustion process, the less influence it has on global warming.

2. Hydrocarbons (NM-VOS) and CO formed by incomplete combustion create the condition of producing ozone directly at ground levels which is the prior cause of smog. Also, CO itself is very toxic.

3. A clean combustion hardly produces any NOx. Next to SOx and NH3, NOx causes acid rain. NOx also causes the production of toxic ozone (as mentioned at point 2).

4. An enclosed combustion prevents the environment being exposed to IR radiant, heat and light.

5. A combustion in the CEB, with a controlled flame length, offers the possibility to recover heat and energy. With an optional heat exchanger, the system is capable of producing low pressure steam, which can be transferred for instance back into the plant for re-use. 

No more flames, smoke visual, even at knight. One CEB unit has the capacity of 450.000m³ of methane flaring per 24hrs.