Current Projects

We are driven to make progress, come up with innovative solutions and realise great and environment friendly projects.

Development Circular Maritime Technologies (CMT) Yard

An Aseco Europe development since 5 years in progress with many expert companies. Currently foreign locations around the world have applied for studies to see if a CMT yard can be developed there. 

The CMT project is a development the shipping industry still considers this cannot be done. Matching the prices paid for ships in India and operating an excellent decor yard in The Netherlands, fully automated and totally mechanical and 100% circular, is how CMT provides the answer.

All with totally obeying the laws and regulations and even exceeding these to the benefit of our environment and future generations!

Offshore Floating Wind

Aseco Europe has been involved in the concept design of offshore floating wind projects with a much further integrated technical and commercial connected development for locations situated on deep-water sea areas.

Do look on this video for a comprehensive introduction of a very innovative technical and commercial concept for the deployment of offshore floating wind. See Video