Renewable Energy Consulting & Engineering

Water – Air – Soil

Offshore Renewable Energy – see the video

  • Offshore floating wind worldwide development intelligence
  • Offshore floating wind strategy development
  • Offshore floating wind concept production facility
  • Offshore floating wind commercial development
  • Offshore floating wind concept energy carriers
  • Offshore floating wind hotspot development

MSW Processing Engineering (MSWPE)

  • Innovative non combusting processing (Pyrolysis)
  • Engineering of turnkey solutions
  • Consulting on MSW processing project development
  • Consulting on innovative financial investment solution by PCU deployment

Landfill Elimination Solutions (LES)

  • Landfill elimination concept studies
  • Landfill elimination project engineering
  • Landfill elimination financial structuring consulting
  • Landfill elimination project control

Environmental Solutions Engineering (ESE)

  • Emergency equipment deployment management
  • Innovative one-off solutions engineering
  • Emergency solutions consultancy

Materials Handling by Pyrolysis Processing

Turning solid waste into oil and other residues is a solution for many city councils that reverse the process of ever increasing cost. By deploying a pyrolytic process with highly advanced separation techniques this process is at least cost neutral or and can be generating money but it contributes tremendously to a clean air and clean environmental policy.